Beijing Huade Haiyang works closely with management to identify challenges and opportunities for value creation, defines milestones, and agrees targets to be achieved together with management. Strict non-disclosure agreements are an integral part prior to commencing any assignment.

In consulting and intelligence, we follow a highly individualized adaptive approach as every client is different. State-of-the-art best practices are our fundaments. For instance do we closely cooperate with Prof. Dr. Jonathan Calof, Director of the Institute of Competitve Intelligence of the University of Ottawa in Canada, who invented strategies for exhibition intelligence as well as pioneered technical intelligence.

Unlike and in contrast to industrial espionage, competitive intelligence as well as the work we base on it, explicitly and without exception utilizes data protection compliant, legally accessible and ethically correctly obtained information about weaknesses, intentions and capabilities of clients’ competitors. We strictly comply with domestic laws and regulations in the countries we are active in. Although legally allowed in many countries, we do not apply i.e. "trash trawling“ and "waste archeology“, meaning gathering competitors’ garbage for valuable information, and other such things.

Huade Haiyang can commit over 30 professionals on single consulting and intelligence cases.

In certain cases in our business development business, we take over positions in the board of directors.

Solid Client References in Consulting and Intelligence