Our historial routes lie in the chemical industry as one of the founders of Beijing Huade Haiyang, Dr. Werner Heil, is former Vice President responsible for Strategy and Intelligence for Degussa (China) Co., Ltd., the China holding organization of former Degussa AG, now part of Evonik Industries.

As the specialty chemicals industry serves many industries, so did our scope of activities and client base evolve over time. As of today, we served and serve the following industries:

Chemicals (fine, specialty, petrochemical), Chemical Trading, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology (white and red), Packaging, Food, Feed, Agriculture, Electronics, Metals, Power Industry, Alternative Fuels, Synthetic Materials, Ceramics, Nanotechnology.

The clients we work for are either management of the industrial entities or investment stakeholders, who need insights along evaluating aspects of potential targets. Either way, highly confidential assignments are entrusted to us.

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