Intelligence & Consulting

Below an aggregation of the services we offer, you may download this summary here (PDF, 606 kB). For clients who desire to fostering internal capabilities, we do conduct workshops in the areas listed below. For more information on in-house trainings, please mail to

Geographic scope: We do have a provern track record of acting in China, Korea, and Japan as well as in India and whole South East Asia. We are also active in Europe and America via our established partners.

References: Prospective clients sign a non-disclosure agreement with us. In our proposal, the prospective new client receives a list of executives, usually from multinational companies, who have agreed to be called for reference. For more information, please mail to


Management Consulting:

Applying of techniques and concepts of top-management consulting to the Chinese environment.

(a) Client specific growth strategies and M&A target search
(b) Change management, business process reengineering, cost management, and debottlenecking
(c) Supply chain management
(d) Best practice studies & benchmarking analysis
(e) Innovation management

Competitive Intelligence:
  Systematic elicitation and analysis of information about competitor corporations, competitor products, market developments, industrial sectors, specific lines of business, legal environment and possible changes including hard-to-get financial data in foreign corporations, reputation, connections and ties etc., to anticipate competitors’ next moves or to help the client verifying the own strategy according to clients’ requirement.
Financial Intelligence:
  Due to our experience, in about 80% of the cases we can obtain financial information about Chinese legal entities. Our success rate for obtaining financial data for foreign companies acting in China is almost 100%. Accuracy of the extracted data, both for Chinese and foreign entities, is higher than 80%. In order to protect our client’s reputation and our own, we only apply strictly LEGAL ways to obtain financial information. Financial data we provide include Profit & Loss statements fer fiscal year, balance sheets per fiscal year, production cost analysis, ex works cost calculations, among others.
Technical Intelligence:
  Systematic investigation of competitors’ technological capabilities (i.e. facility operating parameters) and their R&D pipeline including patent conditions in order to anticipate competitors’ most probable next moves and developments.
Technology Scouting:
  Relevant high technology can, beside in Europe and the U.S., be found in many countries, i.e. in China. The worldwide search, projection and the lawful extraction of technology is part of our business.
Negotiation Management:

(1) Preparation, active support, and analysis of negotiations.
(2) ’Remote psychological profiling’ of competitor executives to anticipate their most likely reaction.
(3) In extraordinary cases and only in a lawful context: computer-aided voice analysis as part of the investigation of fraud and deception cases.

Please note: Usually clients from project intensive industries with respective values at risk contract these services. No usual business negotiation require those. Please please mail to for more specific information.


Finding and elimination of legal and illegal information leaks of competitors aimed at neutralization of clients’ economical and technical competitive advantages. Consulting also in cases of ’dirty campaigns’ of competitors aimed at destroying clients’ reputation, market shares, clients’ company value. Huade Haiyang does have high-profile Chinese IT professionals at its disposal to check clients' IT system integrity and eliminate threats, identifying fraudulent employees etc.

Security & Investigations:

Complete background checks on suspected-to-be fraudulent employees and/or on about-to-be hired senior executives. Beijing Huade Haiyang Science & Technology Co., Ltd. does have a proven track record and gets usually hired when headhunters' research does not completely satisfy top management's requirements of depth. Clients from highly competitve industries with significant knowledge bundled within single employees require these services, please see one example in our case study. Please please mail to for more specific information.

Please note: Professional investigators are taking over these projects, who remain unnamed. No training will be offered in this area.