New Business Development

Beijing Huade Haiyang helps its partners to develop new businesses and to facilitate technology related transactions within our scope of expertise.

Scenario 1:

Our partners are often technology licensees and/or patent holders, who desire to capitalize out of the fact that either one third party (or more) is interested in these intangible assets (scenario 1) and we do facilitate these businesses with:

  • First-hand insight knowledge in process industries
  • Strong experience in negotiating with multinational corporations
  • Ability to gain first-hand insights and using these to facilitate the deal in favor of our partner
  • Rich contact base not only in Europe/ the United States. but also in Asia to increase the number of financially capable interested parties
  • Security and counterintelligence proficiency to protect the intellectual property of our partners
  • Conceptual capacity not only strategically, but also financially

This way the technology licensees, patent holders, respectively, gain additional strength.


Scenario 2:

In a second scenario, a market is to be developed with these intangible assets to grow a new business (scenario 2) leading to a value-added exit (and becoming similar to scenario 1 in the future).

The advantages we bring into the case are

  • Conceptual capacity and business judgement to plan the project
  • Manpower to implement the agreed-on strategy
  • Contacts to privat and corporate investors to raise funds and structure the deal
  • Internal marketing and sales team to quickly build-up sales of the new venture
  • Access to management best-practices to streamline business operations

A number of factors are relevant for us to decide whether to take over a new project such a strong relationship with licensees and patent holders as well as a prospective strong valuation, that can be expected out of an extensive analysis, among other factors. Our reward is often a mix of equity and cash. As of now (mid 2008), Beijing Huade Haiyang takes care of five projects in the following four areas:

  • New materials/nanotechnology
  • Biotechnology
  • Alternative Fuels
  • Life sciences

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