Ms. Haijuan YANG co-founded Beijing Huade Haiyang Science & Technology Co., Ltd. In her capacity she oversees all trading activities of the company. In the last 8 years of her career, Ms. Yang gathered intensive sales and marketing expertise in the markets for glycine, lysine, methionine and other amino acids for a major Chinese producer being the key account manager with sole responsibility for the United States.

Earlier in her career, Ms. Yang developed food applications for xylitol, which are currently marketed worldwide with major quantities in the United States of America. She oversaw market entry strategy and implementation including branding, development of sales and distribution channels in sole responsibility.

Prior to that Mr. YANG was key account manager for a major Chinese biotechnology company, with which she is still closely affiliated during the company's IPO phase, also as an active shareholder.

At the beginning of her professional career, Ms. YANG was key account manager for one of the first advertising companies in China ever.

Ms. Yang is fluent in Chinese, German and English and holds various university degrees in clinical chemistry, economics, and English philosophy.